Announcements Announcements for the real-time transit system at UVA. 2019-05-25T02:14:38.098169-04:00 Northline and Blueline Detour, 5/28-5/29 2019-05-24T00:00:00 UTS will be unable to make a left turn out of the Emmet/Ivy Garage (EIG) from Tuesday, May 28, through Wednesday, May 29, from 8 AM until 5 PM. This means that the Northline and Blueline will be on detour during this time.


From Lambeth Footbridge, the Northline will skip the EIG and will take a left turn from Emmet onto University.


From Universty Hall, the Blueline will turn right after the EIG stop onto Ivy Rd. The Blueline will turn left from Ivy Road onto Alderman Road, and then left onto Whitehead Road. From Whitehead, the Blueline will turn left onto Stadium Road, and will serve Brandon Avenue and the UVA Medical Center, as usual.

From the UVA Medical Center, the Blueline will return to U-Hall using its normal route.

The Ruffner Hall and Alumni Hall stops will not be served during the detour.